EnviroSpace Limited Liability Company

The Environmentally Friendly Space Transportation Company

From EnviroSpace CEO Chad Kister:

I have begun EnviroSpace, an environmentally friendly space transportation company with an initial goal of launching a rocket into space that does not cause ozone depletion or climate change. Because of the need for rare earth elements for solar panels, rechargeable batteries and other environmentally friendly products, and their abundance on the moon and asteroids, space travel might end up being more environmental than not doing it, if done properly. Currently, space travel does contribute to ozone depletion and climate change, and having a company focusing on reducing its environmental costs, while competing for contracts for rockets that would be launched anyway, could benefit the environment. While now accounting for about 1 percent of ozone depletion, space travel is expected to rise fast, and could surpass CFCs for ozone depletion, without regulation by 2050, increasing cases of skin cancer and cataracts.  I am working to invent rockets with liquid propellants that do not cause ozone depletion, and that are made from renewable energy.

In my childhood, I invented lots of things, programmed in dos at age 9 complex programs, was involved in model rocketry, earned Eagle Scout and was top in my class, earning a full scholarship to Ohio University.  I have been on 4 expeditions throughout the Arctic.

Because China and India have the vast majority of rare earth elements, this could also be very good for the US economy. Also, the industry has too few competitors taking lots of government grants, and competition is imperative to the economy. I covered NASA for years as a reporter for Countdown magazine, based in Athens, Ohio. My great uncle worked for NASA as a scientist for Mars explorations. My brother got a degree at Cal Tech and his masters at Stanford, and worked on the Stealth Fighter.

 EnviroSpace has begun to solicit advertisers and those interested in loans for company research with the goal of rapid production of a prototype, and launch likely at Cape Canaveral.